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Winchip Construction, Inc. - When You Want The Very BestIf you are considering a major residential building or renovation project, we very strongly recommend Steve Winchip and his company. We have renovated seven residential properties over the last 25 years, and we are currently doing a major renovation in Hollywood. For us, no other builder has come close to matching Mr. Winchip's performance for us in Sewall's Point, Florida. Our renovation there was a significant project (over $1 million) that was replete with all of the classic renovation "pitfalls": a marginal architect, an overzealous local inspector, feisty neighbors, bad weather, and escalating materials costs. Through it all, Steve remained a calming influence on everyone involved, staying on budget, performing on schedule, and delivering a quality outcome. His technical knowledge of building is exceptionally strong, and his construction design sense is exceptional - he collaborated with ease with our structural engineers, taking us to a level of excellence well beyond where our architect's plans alone would have left us. Steve's dominant quality is the strength of his character: his word is his bond and his standards are unwaveringly high. And Steve's commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of his employees and his sub-contractors.We enjoyed our "Winchip Home" for several good years in Florida - and Steve was always there after the project, helping us keep the property in the best of shape. He held our hands through three major hurricanes, and his construction never leaked, standing rock solid. After each storm, Steve immediately made sure we were safe, our property was intact, and the grounds cleaned up, and not because we called him — he showed up on his own, standing behind his work and his clients. Steve stays with you and with his work.When family relocations brought us to California, we sadly decided to sell our "Winchip Home" and start again in Hollywood. As testimony to Steve's work, we offered our home for sale in a down market in 2006 - it sold for full asking price within one week of its listing. And, as we renovate here in Hollywood, using the very best of construction people available, we often say to each other how wonderful it would be to have Steve Winchip doing this work for us - the folks here just cannot match his integrity, his people skills, his cost-consciousness, or his general calmness. Behind Mr. Winchip's self-effacing demeanor lies an exceptionally large talent. If you have the opportunity to work with him, do not pass it up.Jan & Jeff Hart Hollywood,California August 2008

Steve Winchip was a pleasure to work with. He is professional, responsive, and takes pride in his work. Remodeling can be difficult, but Steve did his best to accommodate our needs. We love our new kitchen and would not hesitate to hire Winchip Construction for any other project.Samie & Russ Ferraro

I used Winchip Construction for major renovations of my condominium on Sailfish Point.Excellent workmanship, timely, dependable and priced right.Glenn Giles